Many people asked „What for should I hear my heart beat?“

First you don’t have to. But you can. Here are some reasons why this might be interesting or even useful.

But before you continue reading Why not  spend a minute to find your own answers first?

A simple reason might be to control the puls. This can be useful in daily life.

For instance when you have to go on stage or hold a speach or play a piece of music, you often get nervous the moment before and your heart beats like crazy.
The same thing happens when you go to a competition or examination.

If you are learned to feel your pulse, you may gain a little influence, you get ‚informed‘ earlier when it starts to beat, you will be less surprised and maybe you can even calm yourself from the beginning.

Some people try to feel and influence their heartbeat in sport, especially when a maximum of precision and a quiet hand is necessary, for instance in Biathlon, where the athletes skate long distances and in some places have to shoot a number of targets. I was told that they train to slow down the heartbeat for that time and, if they feel the heartbeat, they can wait for the quiet phase to trigger and avoid getting deviated by the pulse.

A simple reason might be meditation and getting aware of your body. Trying to listen to my hearbeat definitely increased my awareness of my body in general.

To me the most practical use is to fall asleep quite easy if I focus on my pulse.  I realised that children tend to fall almost immediately asleep when you hold them on your left breast. My guess is that they hear the heartbeat – like in the belly of their mother and relax.

I found this usage a very conveniant and healthy compared with sleeper drugs. And I realised that it can be useful for other aspects and situations in life so I decided to share this experience.


Some people see a spiritual dimension in feeling their pulse. And if I confess that I felt sometimes this inner rhythm giving me comfort, you may ask yourself, Is this page a hidden esoteric course or school or religion? It is definitely not.

I just wrote down my experiences and some exercises that are useful hoping to get feedback and ideas from other people.
Metaphysical and esoterical aspects are not excluded by principal, but I regard them as a personal and individual experience.
When they are stripped down to recepies and advices, they become simple and silly in my eyes.
Moreover, such advices kill the most important thing in metaphysic: The personal approach and experience.


A little experiment for start:
Close your eyes and try to hear or feel the pulse of your heart.
Could you find it? Well, I couldn’t straight away. But I kept trying and today I’m able to find it within a moment.