Upcoming exercises

So far, I proposed exercises I created and practiced on my own successfully.

In this last exercise I would like to give an outlook about ideas that came to my mind, that I did not realise yet.

The most interesting test – for me – is trying to synchronise some activities with the heart beat. For instance, walking, running or swimming. The idea is that you would limit your efforts naturally to the upper limits given from your heart beat and thus preventing you to go to fast. However, I still find it difficult to follow the beat when it is running fast and there is a lot of agitation in and out of the body.

Another exercise I started but don’t fully master yet is to calm down the heart beat when something makes me nervous or if someone manages to upset me.   The goal here is to wait with reactions while heated and wait until I’m calm again.

If you have ideas for new exercises, please post them!

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