Exercise 5 Calm down

In the previous exercises we passively ‚monitored‘ the pulse.

But maybe it is also possible to influence your pulse. As mentioned there are people in sport training this to overcome nervousness or to become a calm hand.

So why not giving it a try. Especially in the context of falling asleep the combination of following your pulse and trying to calm it might help to find sleep sooner.

So how can you slow down the pulse? Personally I allows follow the principle: Relax. When I feel the heart beats nervous, I try to relax, telling the body to calm down. You may want to combine this with other techniques like meditation or autogenic training. I suggest this, because it does not calm just your heart, but your whole body. I find it always surprising to see how many tension there were by releasing them – even when lying in the bed.

I also strongly suggest not to follow material goals like bringing the pulse to a certain speed. This will set another pressure on you and it is also difficult to judge without external rather technical tools. And I don’t see a real benefit. If you have the feeling to calm down, then you reached your goal and it doesn’t get better if you know that it is absolutely true.

If you then manage to slow down your pulse, it might help to calm you down and make you sleep.

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