Exercise 1 Hear your heart beat

Before you start this exercise, you may want to find a quiet place where it is possible to sleep, as many people to fall asleep during this exercise…
Get into the most comfortable position and close your eyes.
Then you try to hear the beat of your heart or feel the pulse of the beat.
Probably you might need some time and patience to notice it because ‚by nature‘ our nerve system is ignoring the sound and the pulse of the heart beat.

The best help is your will. If you want to feel it and if you have the confidence that you can do it, you can doit without any help or means.

However, especially the very first time, a little support is nice.
You can find out the time and rhythm of the beat on your wrist or carotid artery.

In addition you can use utilities. The most simple one is a pillow. If you lay your ear in the pillow so it is protected from other sounds, it is quite easy to hear the puls. This works fine if the environment is quiet. If it is a bit a noisy, you may have to use an earplug to shut the ear that is not in the pillow.

Then there are more massive instruments like a puls watch or a stetoskope.
There is nothing wrong with these, they give you a very clear and loud echo of the heart beat. But there are 2 drawbacks:
After the very loud signal it is difficult to feel the silent puls again.

And later, when you want to do this exercise more often and maybe when you not at home, then you probably will not have this devices always with you.

In experienced that after a short while it is possible to feel the pulse without means.

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